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We have a 10 Weeks Transformation Of Your Life with Life-Long Habits, along with Delicious Recipes Based On Hippocrates Health Institute Lifestyle.

  • Next Classes are: Thursdays, February 04 – April 22, 2021,
    6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (Speakers subject to change) 

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Eat To Thrive – À la carte

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This is a great opportunity to test drive the course or for the past student that wants to just re-take a few classes.

Tracey Sterns

Tracey Stearns

The kids were eating healthy food… they were excited about Kale which I didn’t even know existed.

Jeff Bowdish

I started the course with one goal and that was to get off junk food and ice cream. This was achieved by week four, the rest of the course was just a bonus. The recipes presented were helpful and...

Linda Brunini-Formica

ETT is a jewel, a gift that I gave myself and one for which I am richer today! Lots of great take always- guest speakers are amazing, as is Betsy. The Zoom class was wonderful, perfect for me,...

Sarah Brett

Eat to Thrive Gold nugget Betsy’s class most importantly taught me that being organized, creating grocery lists, and having a meal plan SAVES time in the long run. I don’t need to reach for a...

Sheryl Stone

The Eat to Thrive 10-week program provides support and motivation, as well as inspiring a passion for living a plant-based lifestyle. This program is lifechanging. It has changed my life and that of...

Clinton Norton

Watch Clint Norton’s video testimonial and learn how he achieved optimum health at Eat to Thrive after 11 Cardiac Heart Procedures.

Julia Cervantes

Watch this video. Julia Cervantes explains how Eat to Thrive helped her lose weight and improved her health.

Zaida – A Warm Connection

In the Eat to Thrive program, I felt a very warm connection with classmates who have my same medical challenges. For example, two of my classmates were talking with me

Jill – Breaking the Snacking Habit!

My favorite parts of the course were getting to try new recipes every week, meeting new and wonderful people and all of the support that the course offers. I also enjoyed

Katy – With kids, it is so key!

I interned with Betsy as part of the Eat to Thrive program and the Real Kids Real Food program in the summer of 2019.  I learned so much about how to eat a healthy vegan diet. It is easy

Lisa – Food is Medicine

I’m very excited and motivated to embrace this lifestyle change since I’ve learned this food is medicine which prevents and reverses symptoms of disease. I hope to one day go to

Monica – Appreciates Hands-on Instruction

My goal of combating and overcoming the “bewitching hour” at 4:00/5:00 pm when I used to snack on junk has been achieved by eating the healthy new plant-based foods that I’ve learned to prepare.

Alan – My life is healthier

My life is healthier as a result of the Eat To Thrive class. I drink more water due to its health effects. I have lost the desire to drink lots of coffee and also drink less beer. I eat better and...

Eve Credits Betsy’s Patience

I’m grateful for the little Eat To Thrive recipe book we received, for its simplicity, has enabled me to work with these recipes. It has become a friend and guide, as I journey into the wonderful

Jojo’s Testimony

I am thrilled to have participated in your amazing course for probably the 5th or 6th time.  I’m forever evolving and learning.  I have a different relationship with food because of you.  Instead of...

Lillian Alwaya

When I first joined this group I said to myself what did I get myself into?? This is really hard !! Now I can say I thank God I did !! Through the support and the information and delicious food we...

Frezzia Herrera

After moving to the Boston area from Colombia in 2008, I met Betsy and began the Eat to Thrive program. I had been diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a solution. As a teacher, meal management...

Diane Sugrue

  My name is Diane Sugrue.  I am 60 years old.  I met Betsy Bragg in 2014 and joined the class:  "Eat to Thrive".  I was looking to improve my eating habits and to lose some weight.  The class...

Linda Handrahan

As a cancer survivor, and wife to a man fighting it, I'm very grateful for learning so many options for natural health rather than Pharmaceuticals. Live food lifestyle has brought us back from the...

Susan Baxter

In one of the Hippocrates Health Institute’s publications, I read Betsy Bragg’s story and learned she was teaching a certified class in New England. Betsy offers love and encouragement to everyone...

Rose Santos

My 16-year-old daughter, Raquel, was always the most high energy, happiest, and self-confident among all of her friends. But, then, all of a sudden, things started changing. Her school nurse sent me a letter saying that my daughter needs special one on one attention….

Thanks to healthy food, Raquel is now off all medications and has a beautiful future ahead!

Julianna Burke

Every week was exciting for me; I thoroughly enjoyed reading Betsy’s Eat to Thrive book, learning new concepts, tasting new recipes, and listening to amazing guest speakers that were educational,...

Nancy Rice

Exercising, meditating, and mind balancing is a way I’ve come to realize our potential in healing ourselves. Since adopting this new lifestyle, I have overcome a long battle with Eczema. Coming to...

Paulo Vicentini

The liver gallbladder flush changed my life, ridding me of terrible parasites and gallstones. As a result of the cleanse, my energy, brain functions, mood, and everything in my body feels great!...

Sadie DiSimone

With some of the delicious food served at every Eat to Thrive class. The Eat to Thrive 10-week course has been interesting, thought-provoking, and insightful on many levels. Eating whole foods,...

Marcia Passos

Participating in the “Eat to Thrive” course helped me in my journey to becoming healthier. I developed good habits such as skin brushing; oil pulling; green juicing; and drinking lemon water. I am...

Rich McDonough

I’m a 10%ter. As long as I’m improving 10% at a time, that’s progress. I don’t do “Cold Turkey!” So far, the main benefit has been the education aspect of the class. Change begins with awareness....

Theresa Drum

My main objective for taking this class a second time has been to commit to a deeper sense of mindfulness around my wellbeing, so I may share this with others. I have noticed how I eat, when I am...

Louise Kulig

Taking your class for the second time was great, as there were many things that I just didn’t absorb the first time! I think the class really appreciated having a real chef doing the food demos!...

Jacyntha Kamor Taylor

I signed up for this class at the last minute and even hesitated since I only recently moved back to the area, wasn’t settled yet, and other nutrition studies and work on my plate. Betsy encouraged...

Here’s what a Certified Health Education Specialist/ Corporate Wellness Health Coach, Lina Russo, says about taking the course

What I have gained from taking the Life Force Energy course this session is support, motivation, and passion for living the raw and living foods lifestyle. I am so grateful to have met such...


Next Classes are:

Thursdays, February 04 – April 22, 2021 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
(Speakers subject to change)

FREE Introduction Thursday, January 21 7:00 – 8:30:00 pm

Classes are ONLINE via ZOOM

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