Eat to Thrive has helped to slowly work on my health goals of reversing Osteoporosis. Drinking wheatgrass and drinking green juice daily has become my daily friends and has helped me the most. I’ve felt like a film of mucus, fat, and toxins lifted from my body over time. I really appreciated the talk and hands-on instruction by Randy Jacobs, Founder and Director of Life Force Growers on the benefits of wheatgrass and sprouts and how to grow them.

My goal of combating and overcoming the “bewitching hour” at 4:00/5:00 pm when I used to snack on junk has been achieved by eating the healthy new plant-based foods that I’ve learned to prepare.

My favorite week was the fermenting class. I never knew that this type of food prep could be so easy and interesting. I had some wide mouth jars of different sizes already and I purchased the wooden handle that was presented at the class to push down the vegetables. The wooden utensil is very handy and makes the job easy. I am currently experimenting with the different types of spices and vegetables and the two fermenting processes —the Pickler process and the stone process. This process will be easy to share with others. 

I aim to continue this lifestyle as my body feels so much better when I eat this way. I like fasting weekly and letting my digestive system rest.

Thank you all for your friendship, food demonstrations, helpful sharing, fun, and Betsy for providing this class and Julia for hosting us at her grand location on Point of Pines beach.