I participated in Betsy’s Eat to Thrive program in June through August of 2019. I learned about eating a plant-based raw vegan diet and I’m working on incorporating this diet into a lifestyle. I’m very excited and motivated to embrace this lifestyle change since I’ve learned this food is medicine which prevents and reverses symptoms of disease. I hope to one day go to the Hippocrates Health Institute. I’ve always considered myself a seeker of health and healing so discovering this truth is a life-changing experience and I want to share this wisdom with the world.

Each week the classes are packed with a fun-filled agenda with activities including exercising, grace/meditation, feasting on delicious meals, meal demonstrations, and guest speakers. I learned how to prepare easytomake healthy meals using the proper kitchen tools. I enjoyed practicing my learning by preparing dishes and demonstrating for the class using the many recipes found in Betsy’s books. I’m grateful for the time I spent with my classmates and value our friendships.