My life is healthier as a result of the Eat To Thrive class. I drink more water due to its health effects. I have lost the desire to drink lots of coffee and also drink less beer. I eat better and exercise more – being more mobile now. My golf game may be improving. I was taking 12 pain pills in early June and now the past month only one pill per night. This class has had an impact on my life this summer. Losing some weight should make life more pleasant. I plan to buy a re-bounder. I now walk thru the health food section of the grocery store which I never did before. I have changed some of my food shopping habits. Food I used to buy I no longer buy.

I liked this class for the seriousness I see everyone put forth and enjoy the tasks of food preparations. I liked this class for the nice lovely people I have met and spent some time with. The speakers were all very interesting. I never would have heard from these speakers if not for this class. I will look forward to attending Betsy’s class in the future. At that time my food consumption should be healthier.