Julia Cervantes

I have been living with Type II diabetes since I served in the Navy. Then I was blindsided with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I decided to change my diet to plant-based live food. I lost 30 pounds and my energy level and outlook have completely changed. My general health is monumentally improved and I am so grateful for the Eat to Thrive program.

Clinton Norton

I’ve had a total of 11 cardiac events in my life. I literally was on the cusp of death. I changed to a plant-based diet through the Eat to Thrive method and I’ve seen astounding results. I haven’t had a heart attack in 3 years and Im trying to make sure more people can live as healthily as I am and I want them to play golf with me four times a week.

Rose Santos


My 16-year-old daughter, Raquel, was always the most high energy, happiest, and self-confident among of all of her friends.

But, then, all of a sudden, things started changing. Her school nurse sent me a letter saying that my daughter needs special one on one attention. Yes, I couldn’t believe my ears that Raquel was being labeled as having ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. The school nurse immediately put my daughter on medications. As, as you can imagine my life went upside down. It was devastating news to my husband and me, as well as to Raquel. Her classmates and kids at school started to label her as “special needs”. It was sad watching my daughter deal with all this at such a young age.

More hurtful was watching Raquel take the meds and have the most horrible side effects from them. As time went by, the medications’ side effects were showing up in her behavior as sadness, sleepiness, loneliness, and moodiness. For 7 years Raquel was medicated until one day when I met a wonderful Functional Medicine doctor who had Raquel’s blood tested. The blood tests showed that she was having a disequilibrium of her hormones that could affect her forever. So, one day a friend who is a certified Eat to Thrive Health Educator and now is a “Holistic Nutrition Coach, advised me to introduce my daughter to plant-based supplements and a gluten-free diet, as well as fresh organic foods. These not only corrected her mineral deficiencies, but also her mental acuity. I took that advice with all my heart because I did not want Raquel to suffer anymore.

After a year on an organic plant-based diet, Raquel no longer needed the medications and stopped taking them.

Shortly after that, Raquel’s teacher sent me a letter requesting that I attend a meeting with her at school. My heart was pumping with anxiety. A thousand thoughts came to my mind. What could it be this time? Was Raquel needing to take meds again? To my surprise, it was the most wonderful news that I had since her birth. The teacher wanted to know what I was doing differently with my daughter. The teacher told me that for the first time, Raquel scored 100 on her tests! And from that day she has always scored 100. She is now is a happy teenager. I am thankful to have good people in this world that opened my eyes regarding my daughter’s health. Thanks to healthy food, Raquel is now off all medications and has a beautiful future ahead!