Thersa Drum

Theresa Drum (r) is using her Eat to Thrive education to better herself physically and spiritually.

My main objective for taking this class a second time has been to commit to a deeper sense of mindfulness around my wellbeing, so I may share this with others. I have noticed how I eat, when I am taking too much on in my life. When I choose to move through life at a calm vibration, I notice I am eating mostly raw vegetables. I have tried some new recipes as well. I also committed to listening to the videos repeatedly. I have done this. I have made new habits: daily green juice, lemon water, dehydrating crackers, daily yoga at the gym, oil pulling & meditating. Some of these habits I created in the last class and over time stopped doing them. I also am very aware of the pace at which I’m moving through space. It’s slower and more deliberate. It feels calmer. The biggest shift has been in my breath & choosing nose breathing, even in yoga.

I liked all of the great information Betsy shares with us on her laptop. I love the diverse group of speakers that join us; the topics are all interesting. I especially enjoyed the one on essential oils.