Theresa MyersComing from a macrobiotic background in which foods are prepared according to season, the idea of raw foods in the winter seemed counter-intuitive. We all crave warmth and comfort in the cold winter months in New England. Yet after hemming and hawing about signing up for the class long enough, I knew it was time to delve in. I had had so many people for so long talk about the benefits of raw foods and I could see and feel the aliveness in them. I kept meeting more and more vibrant positive people who said they followed a raw foods lifestyle. It was time I learned more.

Betsy was the perfect teacher; Kind, sincere, enthusiastic, and welcoming. I was glad I was encouraged by a fellow classmate at the intro to sign up. My goal simply was to learn more about raw foods. And that I did. The class was a whirlwind of new experiences and information. It covered everything from growing our own wheatgrass to juicing, to preparing new and delicious foods, to the environmental and spiritual relationships to food choices, and more. It was more than worth the investment of time and money.

As far as eating raw in the winter? I never felt better, was never cold, had tons of energy and a more positive outlook than ever before. From the moment I walked into Betsy’s kitchen and she offered me a glass of fresh-pressed wheatgrass juice and her daily morning juice of sprouts, greens, and lemon, I was hooked. I immediately felt the “life force”. A feeling of wellbeing, aliveness, and connectedness that we all crave, but usually look for in all the wrong places.

I only hope that more and more people will become open to this new experience.