Susan BaxterIn one of the Hippocrates Health Institute’s publications, I read Betsy Bragg’s story and learned she was teaching a certified class in New England. Betsy offers love and encouragement to everyone who wants to explore eating for optimal health and also encourages people to grow holistically, including the emotional and spiritual sides of “healthy living.”

Betsy has food demonstrations with every class and invites guest speakers to share their particular experiences with embracing a living-foods lifestyle. Along with weekly videos and readings from Betsy’s comprehensive, one can get an excellent overview of the HHI approach to a holistically healthy lifestyle, enjoy great living food with the weekly potlucks, and enjoy support and camaraderie with fellow classmates.

The personal highlight of the class for me was doing an eleven-day green-juice fast. First of all, I didn’t think I could do it! But the days just flowed and it fell at a point in the course (week seven) that I totally understood what and why I was doing it. I never felt hungry (as I had feared!) and classmates who participated were totally supportive of each other. I am thankful for the experience of taking the course, Betsy’s shared wisdom, and being more grounded in living a Hippocrates-influenced lifestyle.