This course has really inspired me. Betsy is an inspiration!! Since I haven’t been able to get to Hippocrates, this has been the next best thing!! I have been doing some things that I never did before…..dehydrating, buying more organic, making actual raw food recipes (not just salads!!), alternate nostril breathing, etc. I also have been more consistent with things that I have done before but just hadn’t been doing quite as much…..rebounding, dry skin brushing, oil swishing, juicing, enemas, etc. I have a lot more motivation to eat better. I agree that there was a lot covered in 10 weeks and the class could easily go on another 2 or 3 weeks. I liked having all the guest speakers — each one had the same message, but a different aspect of it! It’s good to hear the stories of other people & how they transitioned into this lifestyle. The coaching is great — it’s good to have someone help you along the way & listen to your problems! I like the way the recipe part was incorporated into the class each week. When you see something prepared and then eat it, it’s a lot easier then trying it at home from a recipe. The DVD’s were all very informative. I liked it when there was a CD available — it was easier for me to listen to that in the car and sometimes I listened to the whole CD 3 or 4 times! The manual is a great resource and I will continue to refer to it as time goes on. You have certainly put a lot of time and effort into these classes and are to be commended for that. I’m not quite ready to start teaching this, but will do what I can to get the word out to others. Just talking about it more and bringing recipes to different places is more than I did before! Thank you for your willingness to do all that you do. I hope we are able to keep in touch as a class and all see each other periodically. It is always a challenge when you “walk to the beat of a different drummer,” but I feel much more equipped to “fight” after the preparation that this class gave me! I forgot to say that I use Tom’s expression of “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels” all the time!! Thanks so much!.