I liked the hands on demonstrations each week. Especially the “how to grow wheatgrass and sprouts demonstration”. I started growing both with the help of being given the all ready to plant trays. That was so helpful, and the “stand-out” of the whole ten week class.
I liked being “forced” to make a recipe for the class. This gave me the opportunity to push myself in looking at recipe books and getting the ingredients and putting it together.
I liked viewing the DVD’s each week. I learned so much from each of them, and gave me an opportunity to decide which one’s I want for my own library.
I got a lot of information from the textbook you gave us, and will continue to read it and copy pages for others. It is a great resource for me for the rest of my life.

I loved the “relaxed” atmosphere we had at your home and how open and friendly the classes were. I feel I could call anyone in my class to just talk or to ask for help with something to do with living a raw life-style.
I liked being informed each week about what was happening in the “raw and vegan” community, and I so enjoyed the few events I attended. I look forward to a life long association with the community and advancing my learning.
The “guest speakers” were also very informative and another “resource” for me and my journey being raw and vegan. I especially got a lot from Sharon and just loved when she came to our class at a participant. She gave me many tips and was so open to being helpful. I’d take a series of classes with her if she offered them.
The coaching was helpful, though I was/am very committed to this lifestyle. I think someone who is not “there” yet, the coaching would have been more helpful. I liked my coach very much; she is a committed raw and vegan, and is very knowledgeable and very likeable. Her web site is excellent and full of great information, one I will go to as a resource.

I love that the money from the course goes to help educate children about nutrition and to help fight obesity. I am a recovering compulsive eater myself, in OA, and I know the pain of being 70 pounds over weight and addicted to sugar, flour and junk food. So, that Optimum Health has set up this program, makes me so grateful to be a part of a bigger process than just educating me about how to stay healthy by eating raw, living and vegan.
I thank Betsy from the bottom of my heart for dedicating her time, education, and home to teach this class. I will do what I can to be helpful to our community and to you out of gratitude. Anyone interested is welcome to call me, Stephanie Whiting Tel: 781-829-0920 Cell: 617-744-7916 Let me start by saying why I took the course in the first place. I initially met you at a raw food event. I was very interested in the work you were doing in the school system and wanted to hear more. We met at Prana where you gave me much more detail about what you were doing and how, along with information about this course. Given my profession as an educator, and my desire to offer as much information to my students on ways to increase their health and that of their communities, and my own personal quest to increase overall health, I knew that the class would be worthwhile.

The format of the course is very comprehensive! I liked the sequencing of each of the classes; it flows well and while each class could stand on its own, there is also a good flow of one course to the other. The variety of guest speakers allowed for an array of perspectives and expanded the knowledge base for all participants and kept the class lively and interesting. The hands on food prep took the class from a concept of what engaging in a raw food lifestyle is all about to jumping right in to doing it! It was great to have the “experience” of raw with both prep and consumption. The DVD’s are very informative and truly formed the base of knowledge gained in the class. The weekly calls to my coach were key in helping to integrate raw food living into my existing lifestyle. I gained much from the information shared from the DVD’s, the speakers, the manual and the overall class format. I learned a lot from seeing and experiencing the variety of food we prepared both in class and on our own.