When I first joined this group I said to myself what did I get myself into?? This is really hard !! Now I can say I thank God I did !! Through the support and the information and delicious food we got to try out, it got me to be devoted into making a change in my life … I was struggling with IBS and acid reflux for as long as I know … I prayed to God every day for healing and never gave up. I believe this group was brought to me by God. I have learned so much and I must say my life has changed a lot. My IBS and acid reflux symptoms disappeared so quickly I couldn’t believe my eyes. I used to wake up from severe stomachaches to the point I felt like I was going to faint. Doctors gave me medicines promising it will go away and it only made things worse. I have changed my attitude towards life and became a more calm happy person and put my trust in God that it’s all for my very best. Looking back I’m thankful for my suffering because it gave me the push to change my life. I must add that my face had bumps and pimples that disappeared, my under-eye puffiness has reduced, my skin feels a lot softer, my gums were very swollen before I started and now are reduced and my teeth got whiter. So for everyone out there if you haven’t tried this lifestyle you are missing out on a chance to heal yourself, look good and feel good and become a positive happy person!! I want to thank Betsy, Norman, all those in the class who did a fantastic job and Gladys and David for hosting us !!