In this intensive 10 week class, which I had the opportunity to assist Betsy, our facilitator, and inspiration in the preparation for each class, I learned about the concepts of living a raw foods lifestyle and the value of consistently eating a diet of raw foods. By helping prepare for the class, I gained a deep appreciation of Betsy’s devotion and all the hard work and preparation that it takes to sustain and teach the class. This was far more work than I had imagined. My goals for the class were to gain a foundation of the reasons for a raw food diet and the theories of the Hippocrates healthy lifestyle. During the class, I learned new ideas and skills for making raw food each session. I also started growing wheatgrass and sprouts, which I plan to continue.

I invested in a wheatgrass juicer so that I can experience the benefits of drinking wheatgrass juice and share it with family and friends. When I did the fast and the enema with wheatgrass juice, I felt somewhat weakened, but at the same time, I felt so much more clarity and sensitivity.

By wheatgrass and vegetable juicing, I got so much more energy and happiness! I felt more free and in the flow of life and not so entrapped by my usual emotional blocks. After the fast, I clearly felt an increase in my health and well being. By assisting in the preparation of the class I learned it was important to integrate the class with lecture, class discussions and preparing and sampling the various types of raw food for each class. I understood that it was necessary to keep the class schedule, so that we could get through all of the material for each session. I hope to teach a 10 week class at some point and also integrate the information into any curriculum that I am using when I teach the disabled and/or blind. I will share it with all and any family of friends that are at all interested. For myself, I have increased my raw food up to about 75% and feel more energy and my digestion is improved… In addition, I have less anxiety and I feel more calmness, serenity, and order in my life. Eating raw food and living the raw food lifestyle is the best prevention against degenerative disease and aging. I still have some health issues to work on. In the near future, I intend to invest in a series of colonics to cleanse and rejuvenate my colon. Colonics are highly recommended by Hippocrates Institute to heal the colon. One of the most valuable benefits that I gained from the class was forming lasting friendships with my people that I shared the journey to a raw food lifestyle. These are very special friendships because we have the common experience of transforming our lives with the raw foods. We developed an intimacy and closeness by sharing our successes and struggles. In addition, I found that it was very supportive having my own personal coach that I could share with and receive encouragement from. Although preparing raw foods often takes more time and energy, but it is an investment in our health and well being.