I believe that there are no coincidences in life but everything happens for a reason and I am very grateful right now that I got to meet Betsy during a Tao meeting and we had a brief discussion about my intended goal to become a professional Health Coach. Right now, after the finishing of this Life Force Energy course, I feel that I became a much more educated person on health and am making every single effort to buy organic, eat more raw, drink lots of water and eliminate meat products as much as possible. It is also great to see that my family members started to buy organic and they are also inspired by having a much healthier lifestyle. In each class, we got the chance to meet some wonderful speakers and their life stories and achievements have become very inspiring on my goal to become a great health coach. The application of the health tools and the wisdom they provide will definitely benefit our health and well-being even further. I also should say that the CDs and DVDs that have been given as part of the course have been very eye-opening and it will be my goal to promote these materials in my friend’s circle so that more people can watch these documentaries and make healthier choices for their lives. Finally, the raw food preparation part of the class was really interesting for me as I had never made recipe search for raw foods before and it was great to see the possibility of the many delicious foods that could be prepared using only raw food. I will definitely work more on this and have my loved ones experience these possibilities with raw.