To have sprouting kits shipped to you, click and order your sprouts from Perfect Food https://www.800wheatgrass.com/product/beginner-survival-sprouting-kit-copy/  Everyone click here for a great demonstration on how to sprout and also an opportunity to buy sprout kits.   Be sure to order TODAY  from Perfect Food or me in order to be ready for Week 2 class on July 9th. “Perfect Food” is the oldest wheatgrass supply distributor in the country.  The owner started it in 1982 after drinking wheatgrass from a street vendor at a California beach. He helped Randy Jacobs start “Life Force Growers” in Somerville the same year. You can pick up sprouts and wheatgrass from Randy at 22 Clifton Street in Somerville. You can order online https://www.lifeforcegrowers.com/contact or call Randy at 781-492-7624.  Randy sells wheatgrass, sunflower and pea sprouts for $12 a pound.  A pound of wheatgrass sprouts juices 12 ounces of wheatgrass.  If you harvest a tray of wheatgrass, it yields a pound and only costs you 75 cents a pound to grow. Randy is coming to our Week 3 class and he will be glad to answer many questions you might have.