Eat to Thrive
337 Newton St. #4
Waltham, MA

Application Deadline: No Deadline

Position: Part-time, Unpaid, Immediate


Today, it is estimated that every 1 in 5 American children aged 6-19 are struggling with obesity, often a form of malnutrition (CDC, 2017). The pervasive consequences of this epidemic include increased risk for the child to develop other chronic diseases, such as asthma, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, risk factors for heart disease, and diabetes (CDC, 2017). Obesity is only one issue we tackle at this grassroots public health nonprofit. The mission of Eat to Thrive os to prevent obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition through the education and advocacy of healthy living.

Our mission is manifested in two unique programs: Eat to Thrive and Real Kids Real Food. Eat to Thrive is a renowned 10 week course for adults seeking to improve their health. Lessons in Eat to Thrive range from plant-based nutrition and food preparation to sprouting. Real Kids Real Food (RKRF) is a health program for inner-city, underserved, low-income children and their families. The weekly course also provides age-appropriate lessons on nutrition, exercise, food preparation, and mindfulness. This year’s RKRF program will be held at the Mystic Public Housing. Through public education by renowned speakers and potlucks, our mission is also pursued.

Where: Office and Classroom located in Waltham, MA near public transportation

When: Immediately. Part-time, flexible hours. Some remote work available.

Why: To fulfill the mission of preventing obesity, chronic disease and malnutrition, especially in children, through education and advocacy of healthy living.



  • Contribute to program development and marketing for RKRF programs and Eat to Thrive programs
  • Co-author grants
  • Assist with fundraising online and at events using social media
  • Research and refine existing lesson plans
  • Assist with budget-making, finances, and monthly newsletters
  • Provide support completing administrative tasks
  • Post recipes and photos on website and on social media
  • Mac computer literacy and technical support (Must have a laptop with word processing software)


  • Passionate about promoting our mission: to prevent obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition, especially in children, through education and advocacy of healthy living 
  • Works well as a team member, flexible, punctual, and fun
  • Excellent writing skills and basic graphic design
  • Enjoys preparing food.
  • Experience taking photos a plus.
  • Interest in Wellness, Vegan or vegetarian Lifestyle is a plus.
  • Required skills: Mac, Microsoft office, mac photos
  • Experience with Google drive, Constant Contact, Facebook, graphics, Excel, Quickbooks, WordPress, Twitter, Meetups is a plus
  • Interest in Wellness, Vegan or vegetarian Lifestyle is a plus

If interested, email your cover letter and resume to



Past Interns

Elisabeth Silletto

Assistant to the Director
Cornell University Class of 2021

  • Food Science major
  • Nutrition minor

As an Assistant to the Executive Director of Optimum Health Solution (OHS), I gained valuable firsthand experience working with a grassroots non-profit. Working with Betsy, the director, I learned many important lessons about managing a nonprofit.

Through witnessing and taking part in Betsy’s calls with contractors in a variety of areas of expertise, I gained insight into administrative tasks. It was fascinating to hear the different ideas and opinions regarding the making of an online store and the upcoming expo.

One of the major tasks I took part in, helping Betsy organize the upcoming Healthy Living Expo, a fundraiser for OHS’s program, Real Kids Real Food greatly expanded my event planning experience. Helping to compose fundraising letters to send to potential exhibitors and sponsors taught me valuable information about marketing and fundraising, as well as providing skills working with Constant Contact. I witnessed the logistical challenges present in any event while crafting a floor plan for exhibitor tables, and later modifying it to fit updated measurements. I also learned to work with Brown Paper Tickets, and WordPress. I know all these skills will be helpful going forward in future jobs.

One task I especially enjoyed was making a lesson plan for a summer camp for 8-14 year olds, teaching the importance of good nutrition. It was great to be able to spread OHS’s wonderful mission with young children, teaching them the importance food has on our lives. I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in working with nonprofits who is passionate about health and nutrition.


Yongmin Kwon


Assistant to the Director/Assistant to Eat to Thrive Educator

Boston University Class of 2018

  • Health Science major
  • Public Health minor

Drawing upon courses I have taken at Boston University Sargent College, I was constantly informed and taught about the importance of achieving health equity and health promotion. Because I had a strong belief that these two strategies have the greatest impact on overall health of communities, I wanted to work for an organization that had similar values or ethics as mine. Ultimately, my beliefs and values influenced me to apply for Optimum Health Solution. I chose Optimum Health Solution as my practicum site because the goal of the organization was focused in preventing obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition through the education and advocacy of healthy living.

During my experience at Optimum Health Solution, I assisted our executive director Betsy Bragg in preparing programs of Eat to Thrive and Real Kids Real Food. As I was involved in these tasks, I felt rewarded because purposes of these programs were to promote health and also support those families in underserved areas. In these programs, I assisted in posting recipes, weekly lesson plans and photos, and also assisting in other social media webwork. On each day, I was involved in completing tasks such as Constant contact, Quickbooks, Brown Paper Tickets, and WordPress. I am fortunate enough to learn all these skills during my time at OHS because these are practical skills that can be used in my future career also.

Overall, my experience at OHS was one of the most notable work experiences I will ever have in my life. Working at OHS not only helped me to learn about the current situation American health is in, but it also prepared me for an actual experience in field of public health and non-profits. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in promoting healthy living, improving business skills, and also learning about health equity.

Lauren Cohen

Brandeis University Class of 2018

  • Health: Science, Society, and Policy; Psychology Major
  • Hispanic Studies Minor


Assistant to the Director/Assistant to Eat to Thrive Educator

As an Assistant to the Director Intern, Lauren gained invaluable professional skills that will undoubtedly transfer to her future career interest. She plans to work in non-profits after graduation and working at Optimum Health Solution exposed her to many facets of this field of work.

Designing the weekly newsletters in Constant Contact helped her realize the importance of strict deadlines, how to be an efficient worker, and developed creative thinking skills on how best to capture an audience. She fine-tuned her organization skills through preparations for the Eat to Thrive Course each week and acquired grant making skills through work on the Real Kids Real Food Program. By assisting with inventory tracking, she is now proficient in QuickBooks software.

Betsy not only provided her with worthwhile tasks everyday, but showed an immense amount of compassion and dedication towards making her intern experience the best it could be. Through working with Betsy, she has gained the personal confidence to be assertive when problems arise- as observed through calls to customer service lines when they encountered issues. Learning the ins-and-outs of the running of a nonprofit, especially one lead by the amazingly passionate Betsy, has solidified her interest in this sector.

Clare Stephens

Colby College Class of 2018

  • Neuropsychology Major
  • Environmental Studies Minor


Assistant to the Director/Assistant to Eat to Thrive Educator

Working as Assistant to the Executive Director of Optimum Health Solution was an invaluable experience and would be for anyone considering a career in public health, policy, and/ or non-profits.

This was my first experience working in the management side of a non-profit. As Optimum Health Solution is grassroots, I had the opportunity of working side-by-side with the Executive Director herself. Betsy always valued and appreciated my input. Completing tasks ranging from event marketing to budget making, I learned many of the ins-and-outs of non-profits. One of my favorite tasks with OHS was co-authoring frequent newsletters to thousands of readers. I had the opportunity to incorporate my own relevant interests into these newsletters such as climate change and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Perhaps the most important task I assisted with working with OHS was grant-writing, a crucial skill for anyone hoping to work with nonprofits. Additionally, I can now include a multitude of newfound programs that I am comfortable working within my resume. These include Constant Contact, Quickbooks, Brown Paper Tickets, and WordPress. I also got to use my photography skills to capture images of several recipes we prepared. They were very tasty!

My experience with OHS was eye-opening to the health crisis we are facing in America. I am proud to say I have made a difference by contributing to this organization and specifically its program Real Kids Real Food. I spent several weeks helping Betsy further develop this program after five successful years and am excited to hear how it goes this Fall!

I would enthusiastically recommend this internship to anyone with a passion for wellbeing, public health, and non-profits.


Samantha Pearsall

Brandeis University Class of 2018

  • Health: Science, Society, and Policy; Psychology Major
  • French and Francophone Studies Minor


Assistant to the Director/Assistant to Eat to Thrive Educator

My experience working at Optimum Health Solution was definitely a positive one. When I applied for the internship, I had no idea of not only the new information I would receive about healthy living, but I also improved my organizational skills, gained experience working for a non-profit, and formed lasting friendships with the members of the Eat to Thrive course and the director, Betsy Bragg.

Working at OHS taught me a lot about what it takes to manage a non-profit. I helped create the monthly newsletter, prepared presentations, and completed other various office tasks. While doing this, I was able to better appreciate the OHS mission of preventing obesity, chronic disease, and malnutrition in the population, particularly in children, and was able to take part in meaningful projects directed towards helping change the surrounding community for the better.

I also assisted in the 10-week “Eat to Thrive” class taught by the director of OHS, Betsy. This course provided me with information on healthy lifestyle habits, from nutrition to proper breathing, and I will definitely implement these tips throughout the rest of my life. With the class, I was able to participate in the hands-on food preparation as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Additionally, meeting others who have the same passion for healthy living was wonderful and inspiring, and I am so thankful to have been a part of the beautiful community that was this “Eat to Thrive” course.

Ultimately, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone interested in not only improving their business skills but also for anyone with a passion for healthy living and wellness. Betsy is a wonderful educator and person, and I have learned so much from her during my time with OHS. It was a truly beneficial volunteer experience.



Every week was exciting for me; I thoroughly enjoyed reading Betsy’s Eat to Thrive book, learning new concepts, tasting new recipes, and listening to amazing guest speakers that were educational, insightful and fascinating.I plan to teach my own class as a health educator in the future and I feel as though I have the education and skills to do this now. I really enjoyed meeting new people that I feel so close to, and I feel as though doors have opened up for me because of this amazing opportunity. I am committed to nourishing my body, mind and spirit and to help others do the same.

Julianna Burke

“Improved administrative organizational skills, time-management, and planning .Introduced me to professional website editing. Strengthened newsletter edits. Introduced me to the necessary skills needed to maintain and run a professional business. Introduced me to an alternative vegan diet that provides multiple health benefits”

Samantha Finnegan

Strengthened my administrative organizational skills, focusing on tasks such as email correspondence, newsletter editing, and maintaining social networks. Introduced me to educational health standards in regards to writing lesson plans for Real Kids Real Food Introduced me to healthier lifestyle

Sarah Steinberg

Introduced me to the vegan & vegetarian world and the health benefits that come from it Showed me the in’s and out’s of a non-profit and all of the hard work that goes into running a business Improved my time management, communication, and organizational skills Enhanced my writing skills through writing the teacher and family tips for the Real Kids Real Food book Developed strong sincere relationships with my supervisor and team members

Kara Lakin

What Betsy Bragg has done for the future of our children and essentially our planet is beyond words. She has created a connection with our youth through practical and simple ideas that unite families and empower immune systems. The end result is joy, vitality, and a growing respect for all life.

Brian Clement

The Eat to Thrive 10 week course has been interesting, thought provoking, and insightful on many levels. Eating a whole foods, plant-based, unprocessed diet and living with gratitude and mindfulness are key to gaining optimal health. Your class demonstrated that very thoroughly through the many personal testimonials and videos. Betsy has been an utter joy, an ideal role model for turning one’s life around, and a patient teacher

Sadie DiSimone