Eat To Thrive – Waltham MA

Eat to Thrive Syllabus

Thursdays, September 26 – December 5, 6 – 9 pm, 2019

Excluding Thanksgiving

Location: 126 Myrtle Street, Waltham, MA

Do Before Week One: Watch DVDs – Principles of Health, Eating & pH Miracle 

            Read: Chapter 1 of  Eat to Thrive and Ann Wigmore’s biography – Why Suffer? 

Week One:  Thursday,  September 26 – Overview

  • Snack: Eggless Egg Salad Rollups
  • HW: Read Chapter 2 & Watch DVDs – 2 Food Combining DVDs & Sugar CD

Week Two:  Thursday,  October 3– Rebounding –Importance of Exercise, Food Combining and Water

Co-hosted by Joanne Schmalenberger, Gravoxy owner & fitness instructor

  • Rebounding at Gravoxy, 17 South Street, Natick, MA
  • Five-course presentation and dinner
  • Speakers: Leslie Barnett on Food Combining and Margie Aleo on Water
  • HW:  Read Chapter 3, Wheatgrass and Notes on Growing Your Own Food; Watch DVDs – Growing Your Own Food; Overcoming the Food Imprint; optional Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (Netflix)

Week Three:  Thursday,  October 10 – Indoor Sprouting for Fun and Nutrition 

  • Guest Speaker: Randy Jacobs, Founder and Director of Life Force Growers
  • Preparation: Wheatgrass and the Hippocrates Green Drink (with juicer comparison); 
  • Five-course presentation and dinner
  • HW: Read Chapter 4, Juice recipes and watch  DVDs Fasting & Internal Awareness

Week Four:  Thursday,  October 17 – Fasting and Internal Awareness

  • Guest speakers:  Doree Croft, colonic therapist, Diane Sugrue & Julia Morin   
  • Cocktail Party – Feasting on Green Juices
  • Preparations: Fermenting presentations of Veggiekraut for your natural probiotics
  • HW Read Chapter 6; Watch DVDs Living Matrix & Ancient and Current Self-Help Techniques

Week Five:  Thursday,  October 24– Cleansing

  • Guest Speaker: Tom Lindsley
  • Five Course presentation and dinner
  • HW: Read Chapter 5; DVDs Detox and Making a Killing 

Week Six:  Thursday,  October 31, Mind-Body Connection to Life Force Energy & the Life Within Cleansing  

  • Guest Speaker: Joe Lucier –Mind-Body Connection, Bio-Electricity, Life Force Energy & the Life Within 
  • Five-course presentation and dinner
  • HW: Read Chapter 7; Watch 2 different DVDs on Supplements and Genetic Roulette; Cowspiracy

Week Seven:  Thursday,  November 7, – Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Keeping Healthy & Supplements and Enzymes 

  • Guest Speaker: Jonathan Fang: Revealing the Ancient Wisdom of Keeping Healthy
  • Making Nori Rolls for dinner
  • HW: Read Chapter 8: Watch Healing Cancer, Cancer the Forbidden Cure and Simply Raw 

Week Eight:  Thursday, November 14,– Getting Support from the Healing Community

  • Guest Speaker:   Kim Ecevido, Kensho Life, Hypnosis and Holistic Therapy 
  •  Five-course presentation and dinner
  • HW: Read Chapter 9; Watch DVDs Practical Living & Bringing It All Home

Week Nine: –– Thursday,  November 21, -Bringing It All Home 

  • Guest Speaker: Manifest Your Destiny/ Bringing It All Home – Karen Regnante, How to stick to Hippocrates lifestyle with life changing.
  • Preparation: Dehydration presentations of flax crackers, kale and green string beans 
  • Five-course presentation and dinner
  • HW:  Read Chapters 10 – 15; Watch DVDs Beyond Raw & Processed People

No Class on Thanksgiving November 28

Week Ten:  – Thursday,  December 5 – Graduation, Awards, Banquet & What’s Next