Real Kids Real Food Summer Camp

Ages 3 to 6

Our Counselors

Maunika Reddy – I enjoy reading, exploring new places, trying new recipes, and I love to play with my two dogs. I just got a new yellow labrador puppy, so you can only imagine the craziness at my house. I love playing and spending time with my 19-year-old brother and my sisters, who are 6, 9, and 15 years old.


Asanya Wawlagala – Hi! I am a rising sophomore at Brandeis University! I have been a teacher in the past with younger kids and I love teaching children. I have a younger brother and we both love to cook and help out our mom! I love to read and write and paint! I was a swimmer in high school! In the summer, I love to go on hikes, walks and swimming at the beach with family! And I am so excited to go on this journey with you!


Our Progam

Lesson Plans

Saturdays January 30 to April 3 2021
Healthy Lifestyle and Fun Recipes Jan. 30: 

1. What is Real Food? – Applesauce (pg. 49)
– Real vs Processed Foods 
– Non-Organic, Organic and GMO
– Preparation for planting 
– Exercise 
– Mindfulness